How to find owner operators to dispatch?

Owner operators often use dispatch services. In this case dispatchers are like the link between drivers and shippers. Of course, some owner operators want to save money and learn how to dispatch loads themselves. But as a rule, this way leads to burnout and fatigue. Why? Truck dispatch services are responsible for searching for loads, connecting with brokers, negotiating, setting up routes and load tracking. An experienced dispatcher can manage all these factors. But when an owner operator tries to perform these duties without a dispatcher’s help, this usually leads to health problems and poor business development. Unfortunately, not all owner operators understand that hiring a dispatcher is a good solution to all the problems. Self-dispatching isn’t for everyone. Therefore, truck dispatchers often have to look for owner operators on their own. That is why in this post we want to help you figure out how to find owner operators.

First of all, owner operators need to know about you. You must declare yourself. For example, you can start using social networks, especially Facebook. Research shows that 47% of owner operators use Facebook. These are huge numbers. So it is a must-have channel for reaching owner-operators. On Facebook, you can post about what you do, make useful acquaintances, contacts, and profitable connections or advertise your business. It is a way how an owner operator can find you! But, not everyone is so lucky. Owner operators typically are too hard to reach. This is because they are very hardworking. Owner operators care about their business and don’t have time to sit on Facebook for too long. They are constantly on the road. But it is possible to find them yourself and offer your services. It is easier than you may think. For example, use your new connections on Facebook, maybe someone knows an owner operator who is looking for a dispatcher. Or maybe this person is so tired of intensive working days and self-dispatching. He or she might want to find a dispatcher who is able to save them from routine problems. Our advice is to study Facebook marketing in detail. How does it work? How to do it right? You should learn everything about this.

We also recommend using This website includes many owner operators available. There are their job descriptions, requirements, prices, and reviews. So you just have to contact an owner operator and agree on cooperation.

Another option for finding owner operators to dispatch is to go to truck stops. Before that, you need to print flyers or business cards with information about you and your business. After that, just pass them out at truck stops. Your goal is to try to get owner operators to subscribe to your dispatch service.

These methods are the most efficient for finding owner operators. But the really crucial parts at this stage are your experience, professionalism, constant learning and desire to do your job properly. All these important qualities will help you find owner operators. Of course it can be difficult at first. But as your business develops, it will become easier for you. Especially when owner operators enjoy the result of working with you and recommend you to their mates. “Word of mouth” is another way of marketing and finding owner operators to dispatch.