How to Dispatch Reefer Van

What is a reefer van? 

It is slang for refrigerated trucks. In fact, the reefer is a trailer that is designed to haul perishable goods. These loads may include foods and beverages, or other items with specific climate requirements. There is an active cooling system that provides transportation of both frozen and refrigerated loads. It may also include a special system for heated goods. But this is much less common. There are different types of cooling methods, like diesel-powered generators and cryogenic cooling systems. 

What is a reefer truck dispatching? 

This is a specialized service based only on refrigerators. A reefer truck dispatcher meets all customer’s needs, knows all the specifics of this type of trailer and understands the industry regulations. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the responsibilities of a reefer van dispatcher and learn why their services are so important.

First of all, the job of dispatchers is to support. They help drivers to make deliveries on time. Dispatchers also find these loads and negotiate about the best rates. Moreover, their duties include handling billing, paperwork, and documents management. They are like assistants who do all the routine work for drivers. You should understand that reefer drivers haul a specific type of loads, that is why the dispatcher must know the market. Reefer dispatchers have to understand how and under what conditions to find customers who need this type of service. Moreover, as dispatchers negotiate rates, they also need to understand the demand in the market. The driver’s income depends on the dispatcher’s professionalism. That’s why, reefer dispatcher must have strong communication skills and deep knowledge in the field of refrigerated transport.

Reefer dispatch service is also responsible for equipment monitoring. So when it comes to shipping a load, they need to make sure a carrier has necessary tools to dispatch the load. Since most often perishable products are transported in refrigerated vans, dispatchers guarantee the delivery of the products safe and sound. This fact means that they also control the right packaging and shipping methods in place. Of course, sometimes it happens that goods are damaged during transportation. Dispatchers must be able to quickly solve problems and handle customer complaints. To avoid situations like this and work like a professional, we recommend that dispatchers always have a delivery plan. It should include time of day, week, and delivery locations. Then you need to track the progress of the van. Use GPS systems, maps and special applications.

Reefer dispatch services have many benefits. For example drivers get the ability to concentrate on work. Dispatchers look for new loads for them so carriers can earn more money. Therefore, drivers have more time for shipping, and dispatch services increase their income and the income of drivers. It is also about new connections and opportunities, good relations with clients and a structured work plan. There are also many advantages for dispatchers. They can work from home and of course they make good money. This post contains a quick introduction to reefer van dispatching services. But in fact, the work of a reefer dispatcher is even more interesting and has even more responsibilities. Our team of professionals hope that the post was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!