Do I need a license to become a truck dispatcher?

Road and city ground transportation dispatchers perform many tasks. The purpose of the program is to improve and form new professional competencies in the field of work of the dispatch service and divisions of organizations in the field of transport safety and labor protection, as well as the acquisition of the necessary knowledge by the students of the operational and operational work of business entities.


Responsibilities of the dispatcher and the necessary skills to obtain a license




Knowledge of the basics of transport and labor legislation, regulations on the organization of operational management of transport traffic, the procedure for drawing up and processing a waybill, accounting for technical and operational indicators. Knowledge of the road map and their condition on the traffic routes, the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer for technical operation.


Knowledge of drivers’ work schedules, tariffs and rules for their application on the routes of vehicles, the basics of economics, organization of labor and production. Ability to instruct drivers on the conditions and peculiarities of transportation on routes, paying particular attention to the condition of the roads, the peculiarities of traffic on certain sections in specific meteorological conditions.


Skills in the implementation of operational accounting, control of the operation of loading and unloading mechanisms, to monitor the condition of access roads, as well as the observance of transport discipline by drivers, to organize in the provision of timely technical assistance to the rolling stock on the line. Ability to organize and control the work of drivers and their implementation of the shift plan and transportation tasks. All this you need to know along with obtaining a license. Therefore, passing high-quality educational courses on this topic is so important. We offer to get detailed information on this area.