Do I need a certificate to become a truck dispatcher?

Automobile transport is owned not only by large carriers serving urban, suburban and interregional routes, including ground electric transport. Buses and trucks of various capacities are owned by chain stores and industrial enterprises. And all of them are faced with the fact that the work of transport needs to be regulated. And this requires personnel with the qualifications of a road transport dispatcher. The truck dispatcher must undergo specialized training, after which he will be issued a certificate confirming his qualifications.


Why is getting a license so important?




It is the road transport dispatcher who organizes the process, maintains contact with all participants in transportation, and takes measures necessary to eliminate downtime and breakdowns. Continuity of supply or shipment of products often depends on it. The training center invites road transport dispatchers to courses with the assignment of the appropriate qualifications based on the results of the test exam. When drawing up the programs, the requirements of the controlling authorities were taken into account. Enterprises and organizations that have sent their employees to us for training are guaranteed not to have claims from the inspection authorities.


Education is completed by passing the exam of the admissions committee. Upon receiving a positive assessment, the student is issued a diploma of professional retraining with an indication of the qualifications awarded or a certificate of advanced training. Supplement – an extract from the protocol indicating the test results. In the training center, special attention is paid to the preparation of programs. Leading industry experts are involved in the work. All this fully applies to road transport dispatchers. You can get additional information from our specialists.