Who make more truck dispatcher or Freight Broker

In order to correctly and competently answer this question, it is necessary to understand the theory of work in both directions. Running a little ahead, it should be noted that both professions are profitable. The level of earnings (in fact) depends only on the performer himself. But we will still consider which direction should be chosen and what are remarkable about the courses for each of these professions.


Who are the dispatchers?



These are employees in the field of logistics who are responsible for the correct management and operation of the trucker, as well as for the favorable price policy of the cargo. The dispatcher works with the truck driver, he looks for cargo for him through a broker, which is beneficial to both the driver and the broker himself. After that, the working moments between the broker and the driver are agreed upon (including the pricing policy), and the goods are sent on the road.


Also, the dispatcher monitors the movement of transport, the condition of the equipment, is responsible for receiving and transmitting all related information related to the delivery of the cargo, decides with the driver the schedule issues, all important delivery details (time and place of loading), takes into account the driver’s requirements for rest intervals. This work does not require large financial investments from a person, but the dispatcher’s profit depends entirely on his hard work and skills.

Freight Broker and their level of earnings

The broker always has earnings, since his services are either prepaid, or he receives a percentage of the cost of the transaction “customer – broker – trucker”. Only, unlike other members of this trio, he invests more not money, but his skills and abilities. According to the US Bureau of Statistics, the most sought-after professionals can earn up to $ 35 per hour, which means they can earn more than $ 70 thousand per year. And this is the real net income in the Freight Broker area.