Truck Dispatchers Specialize: Dry Van, Flatbed/Stepdeck, Reefer

With the development of marketing, logistics is becoming more and more global. This is a generally accepted trend not only for the United States, but also for most European countries. People want to take goods as quickly as possible (on average, the delivery time is 3-5 days). Therefore, many suppliers have become our clients and never regret this decision. This is because our company provides truck dispatcher services in different directions and offers reasonable prices. With us, your business will certainly be successful.


Flatbed & Stepdeck

Thousands of people in our country need the services of carriers. Freight transport by road is the most popular. This is a service that shop owners, business leaders and ordinary citizens order. For most consignments, the range of the route does not exceed 150 miles. But people have different requirements for transport capacity and transportation conditions. If you prefer flatbed, load capacity is also important, which is 20-50 tons on average. This type of transport is used for the following:

  • Delivery of construction equipment to the site (bulldozers, cranes, graders)
  • Transportation of agricultural equipment
  • Delivery of building materials with large oversize
  • Transportation of machine tools and other equipment for enterprises

Most people looking for transport have different needs. But all of them want to be sure that freight will be safe. If people contact us, they will hardly have any problems in this regard. This is because, turning to a professional, you will always get a serviceable transport and can track its movement. Keep your logistics efficient! Our company guarantees the safety of any cargo.

Dry Van

Trucking is interesting for almost every entrepreneur. We are talking about people who sell food, household appliances, equipment, and more. For supermarket owners, food processing enterprises, furniture factories, the business is unlikely to be effective without organizing competent logistics. Therefore, the service we provide is in great demand. We help anyone with delivery of goods and raw materials. People who order a service through our website must do the following:

  • Select transport 
  • Calculate the cost
  • Enter into a contract


Refrigerated delivery is a specific service. In this case, when choosing a car, you should be especially scrupulous. Different requirements must be met for meat, dairy and fish products. With us you will not have any problems in this regard. With such types of vehicles we also transport medicines, for the safety of which special conditions are very important. Delivery of chemical liquids is not the cheapest freight, as is the organization of logistics for other materials from the specific category. In this case, the products are delivered in tanks or other protected containers.

What Do We Offer Our Partners?

We are a freight forwarding company for which reliability, timeliness and responsibility are the main principles. Are you interested in long-term cooperation? If so, you shouldn’t refuse our offer. Everyone who ordered cargo transportation from us was satisfied with the following:

  • With us it is possible to rent not only trucks, but also warehouses for palletizing and sorting products
  • Our company carries out any cargo transportation as quickly as possible
  • Regular customers always consult with a personal manager and track the movement of cargo in real time

We carry out cargo transportation cheaply and all over the country. This is the reason for the constant increase in the client base of our company. We specialize in the delivery of groupage consignments and express transportation. The cost of services for different clients is different. So, you should call to clarify this parameter.