Things you should know to hire a truck driver

Things you should know to hire a truck driver
Attitude to alcohol. Here get ready to listen to lies. Nobody admits that he thumps. But this is an extremely important point that needs to be understood. If the driver looks like he is drinking, it’s better not to mess with him. If a trucker drinks on a day off at home, it’s half the trouble, but if he swells on a flight, write off. Something may happen with the machine and with the load.
Understanding the alcoholic hobbies of a stranger is quite difficult, so rely on your intuition.
Family matter. Be sure to ask if the driver is married and if he has children.
The work of truckers provides long business trips. You need to understand whether your driver can work fully. In addition, family quarrels can have a negative impact on the psychological and emotional state of the employee. On the other hand, family people are often more responsible and do their job better.

Things you should know to hire a truck driver
In this matter, be guided by your feelings.
If your company specializes in the transportation of a specific cargo (products in refs, oversize or long-length gauges), find out if the applicant has such work experience, relevant documents, and permits.
Discuss salary levels. It should suit both parties, otherwise, the problems will begin. The driver will drain and sell fuel, and you suspect him of it. Notify the applicant that you know the exact fuel consumption of the car (and you should know it), so the possibility of draining diesel fuel will not.
The driver at any time should get in touch, so he should have a normal (not buggy) phone, and better – two (different operators). So that you, the shippers, and the consignees can contact him.
These are the main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a truck driver.

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