Signing of documents

Signing of documents
Large companies that have dozens or even hundreds of trucks, do not bother much about this. They recruit everyone, and then they look at the workers in a business. Small carriers do not want to give their one or several cars into the hands of the first person who arrived at the ad, therefore, they are more carefully selected.
In the end, we note a number of important points concerning the legal side of the issue.
First of all, the carrier must enter into an employment contract with the selected driver (sample can be downloaded here) and register it with all relevant authorities.

Signing of documents
After that, you need to force the driver to sign a liability contract (you can download the sample here). It would seem that this document in case of unforeseen situations (accidents, damage to the car) guarantees you a refund. However, the reality is not so simple.
The Employer is liable for material and moral damage. Thus, in the case of an accident with the driver like water off a duck’s back. You can fine him for a monthly salary, but no more. Here is the legislation. Just do not tell your driver about this. Let him sign an agreement on liability. This will be for him a strong psychological factor that teaches discipline.
I wish you always choose responsible and intelligent drivers!

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