Where is the best place to stay for the night long distance truckers

Truckers have to be on the road for a long time. Very often, one flight lasts several days, and the driver returns to his hometown in a week or even a month. Naturally, a long ride blunts attention and reaction, which can lead to a deplorable outcome. In the previous article, I described how a trucker to deal with fatigue and overwork. Today I will tell you where it is safe and convenient for a truck driver to rest.

In the films, you can see how truckers spend the night in hotels with guarded parking. But, alas, in life like this is extremely rare. Truckers simply do not have enough money to pay for a hotel room. Therefore it is necessary to spend the night on the road and to sleep in a cabin on a special berth. Note that in some trucks there is no sleeping place, and the driver is forced to sleep on the seats, curled up. Unfortunately, there is such.