The main signals of truckers that every driver needs to know

All drivers studied the rules of the road. But truckers have their ownsecret language of signals and various gestures. With their help, they inform other drivers about the dangers on the road, thank them for the place they have lost, and sometimes apologize for wrong maneuvers.

Below we list the gestures and signals that need to be understood not only by truck drivers but also by ordinary cars.

  1. If the truck has a right turn, it tells the backward motorists that the track is empty, so they can overtake the truck.
  2. If a left turn is on in front of a moving truck, you should not rush to overtake it. The trucker warns that there is a danger ahead or that a car is moving in the opposite lane. It is better, in this case, to wait for the signal from the first item.

Truckers signals

  1. If the trucker flashes a distant light, then he warns motorists who are moving towards him about police officers, traffic accidents or other dangers. It is better, in this case, to reduce the speed and drive more carefully. If the trucker flashes a high beam for a long time, it means that he saw some kind of malfunction on the oncoming car, or the oncoming cars just dazzle with their headlights.

  1. If the car following you persistently blinks the high beam, then its driver asks you to give way to him.
  2. Two flashes with a distant light indicate that you are approaching a dangerous area on the road.
  3. With a brief inclusion of the emergency gang, the drivers either thank them for giving way to the road or apologize to the driver moving behind for the inconvenience (incorrect rebuilding, undercutting, etc.).
  4. Ifthe truckerswitches the headlights from the low beam to the main beam, then he wants to say that the headlights of the car moving toward meet the drivers.
  5. If you see that someone wants to overtake you, you need to switch the headlights from the far to the near. So you will not blind the overtaking driver with the light of headlights reflected in the mirror moving in front of the car. The same must be done when moving towards cars.

These gestures and signals are an important element of road safety. Just do not be these signals mislead other road users.