How heat affects the work of the truck driver

Hot summer days will come soon, but truck drivers are waiting for them with caution. There are good reasons for this. Consider how heat affects the quality of the truckers.

As French scientists have proved, the number of accidents increases dramatically during the heat. Hot weather extremely negatively affects the driver – the reaction decreases, lethargy occurs, and it tends to sleep. As the ambient temperature rises, it is more difficult for a person to concentrate on certain tasks, he becomes irritable and slowly responds to changes in the traffic situation. Studies have shown that at a temperature of 27 ° C, the driver responds 21% slower than at 21 ° C.

Scientists believe that such slowness is due to poor driver sleep – it is shallow and short. In the heat, the cabin gets very hot, and it’s rare to sleep well in a crib. A driver who does not get enough sleep decreases concentration, fatigue accumulates and the ability to correctly assess the traffic situation decreases. This leads to accidents. Statistics show that 15% of serious accidents happen because of truck driver fatigue.

In addition, asphalt gets very hot in the heat, which causes tires to start shooting. Especially if the truck travels with overload.

That is why on hot days the driver should take care of comfortable driving conditions. It is necessary to turn on the air conditioner, and in the case of its absence, open the windows so that fresh air can flow. This will protect against unpleasant situations on the road.