The essence of the dispatcher for freight

Frequently the dispatcher for freight traffic is also called a logistician or a forwarder. This person does a very useful job and therefore takes the appropriate payment for it.

The dispatcher workplace

The essence of the dispatcher for freight

The work of the dispatcher is reduced to finding suitable downloads for cars both in Ukraine and in international traffic. As a rule, this search is carried out through various sites. The dispatcher calls customers, negotiates loading onto a specific car from a specific city to another, gives him all the information about the car and the driver, sends confirmation of the download to the owner of the car, the owner of the cargo and waits for the car to safely deliver the cargo to its destination.

The dispatcher for freight

For this work, no special education or diploma is required, by and large, it suffices to be able to use a computer, telephone, fax, Internet. Cargo dispatchers can be people with humanitarian or technical education, or without it at all.

The dispatcher’s working day, as a rule, starts at 9 am, at this very time, customers start posting their downloads on the Internet. The freight forwarder calls up the drivers, finds out if they can work today and whether they need to look for the load. If the answer is yes, the dispatcher begins a search that can last in different ways. You can quickly find a suitable download, and you can sit all day, and the result is zero.

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