How to calculate the distance between cities?

How to calculate the distance between cities
Carriers very often in the course of their activities have to consider the distance between these or other cities. This is done in order to understand the amount of freight and whether it is profitable to transport cargo for such money since in long-distance communication the payment mainly depends on the mileage. Experienced carriers already know from memory the distances between the cities where they have to go. Therefore, this articleis more likely to help beginners to understand the features of the calculationof the distance between settlements.
Previously, carriers used special directories in which the distances between major cities were spelled out. And to find the distance between small villages, one had to use road atlases or maps and count the mileage manually. Naturally, it was uncomfortable and long. In our age of the Internet, no one uses such reference books. Well, except that the “Old Believers.”
How to understand from what point or place in a particular city to count the distance? That is, from what point to which point to count? It used to be considered to be the distance from the main post office (or the post office in small towns) of one city to the main post office of another. Naturally, these post offices could be located in different parts of settlements (both at the exit, and in the center or on the outskirts).

How to calculate the distance between cities?
Then, in some large cities, the so-called “zero kilometers” were established. These are signs that indicate that the distance from a given city must be considered exactly from it. But such signs are only in megacities, that and that not in all.
Some believe that the distance is determined from the exit sign from one city to the entrance sign to another.
In a word, there are many versions, therefore the distances in different sources are different. And it may differ by 10-20%. For example, from Kharkov to Kiev various services show from 411 km to 488 km. And you must admit, the 77 km difference is quite noticeable, especially if the customer considers the cost of transportation based on a distance of 411 km!

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