Arizona Oversize/Overweight Permits

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Arizona Oversize/Overweight Permits
The Class A oversize/overweight permits are issued for vehicle and load combinations that are within specific size and weight limits. The load must be nonreducible. The Class A permit is issued for a single trip or 30 days. Class A permits are issued only for travel on state routes.

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Permits for use of other than state routes are procured from the proper local authority. Please see our routing contacts below for more information. For the city of Phoenix, see the Phoenix Police Department’s oversize/overweight load permits.

The following eligibility criteria must be met before issuing a Class A permit:

  • Is nonreducible
  • Has a specifically described load
  • Has a width and/or load is 14 feet or fewer
  • Has a height and/or load is 16 feet or fewer
  • Has a length and/or load is 120 feet or fewer
  • Has a combined weight of vehicle and/or vehicle combination is 250,000 pounds or fewer

If a load projects from the side of the vehicle and the load is 12 inches or more deep, the projection must not exceed three feet on either side.

If a load projects from the side of the vehicle and the load is less than 12 inches deep, the projection must not exceed two feet on either side.

This permit may not be used to routinely transport legal loads on over-width trailers.

A vehicle must be currently registered for 80,000 pounds.

For information on permitting non-reducible loads that exceed any of the dimensions above, please see Class C Permits page.

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 – Oversize single-trip: $15
 – Oversize 30-day: $30
 – Oversize/overweight single-trip: $75
 – Oversize/overweight 30-day: $75

Permits can be purchased by one of these methods:

 – Online
 – National permit service
 – Mail (using the address on the application form)
 – In person at these port and commercial permit locations (using the application forms)
For more information, please see Permits FAQ.

Routing Contacts

 – City and County Routing Contacts
 – Trip Evaluation: Login to ADOT ePRO to check your route before you go; located at bottom center of ePRO menu page
 – AZ511: Alerts and information that may impact your travel: traffic, road conditions and closures
 – ADOT Maps: including milepost information and rest area locations