Freightliner’s Century Class CST112

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Freightliner’s Century Class CST112 

Freightliner’s Century Class CST112 has been built to excel in demanding and ultra-competitive environments – from single trailer distribution, intrastate and short haul work to tipper applications.

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  – Driver’s Message Centre to deliver timely, easy-to-understand information.
  – A sharp wheel cut provides optimal open highway usage and allows for tight manoeuvring and backing.
  – Electronically controlled gauges show clear and reliable data.
  – Seats Inc, XTREME HD air suspended seats features lateral and lumbar support, state-of-the-art suspension and numerous adjustment options.
  – Advanced HVAC system maximises airflow and keeps temperatures precise personalised comfort and reduced driver fatigue.

  – Easier maintenance – the Century Class hood opens a full 90-degree to make engine maintenance easier. See-through fluid reservoirs allow instant checking of fluid levels and splash shields are mounted on the bonnet rather than the chassis for easy access to the engine.

Everything about the Century Class CST112 is designed to increase efficiency. It’s a truck with the power to perform in demanding environments.

A low tare increases payloads, which are easily handled by Detroit Diesel’s advanced DD13 engine that also delivers easy driving, exceptional fuel efficiency and extended service intervals. Using advanced technology, the Century Class is engineered to simplify maintenance, improve day-to-day economy and prolong life expectancy. 

  – Produces 450hp and 1,650 lb-ft of torque.
  – Undergone more than 10,000 hours of durability testing in Australia and North America – proven durability.
  – Extended up to 40,000 km service intervals reducing service costs and downtime.
  – Market leading warranty:
  • 5 years
  • 1,000,000 kilometres
  • 500,000 litres fuel burn
  • 15,000 hours
  – Jacobs Engine Brake integrated into DD13 to provide 550 BHP of retardation reducing wear on brakes.

Designed to combine light weight with plenty of strength, Freightliner’s aluminium cabs contribute significantly to the CST112’s extremely low tare. With a range of day cab and sleeper configurations available, the Century Class CST112 can be optimised for your needs – and your ultimate comfort. Choose from a Day Cab, 34” Mid-Roof or 48” Mid-Roof. Whatever size you go for, your cab is built with the professional driver in mind.

The Century Class CST112 boasts:

  – Spacious interior with enough headroom to stand and plenty of storage.
  – Insulated floor and walls to keep outside noise to a minimum.
  – Sleeper cabs feature under-bunk storage and separate control panel.

 – Seats Inc, XTREME HD air suspended seats and steering wheel are completely adjustable to ensure driver comfort at all times.