Driver medical conditions

Road traffic

How can a medical condition affect my driver license or privilege to drive?

For highway safety reasons, DMV must evaluate or maintain control over drivers who have any medical condition (physical or mental) that may interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle.
DMV can learn about a medical condition by
  • answers on an Application for Permit, Driver License or Non-Driver ID Card
     form (MV-44)
  • an accident report
  • a report from a doctor or a police officer
  • a report from a member of family of the driver or other citizen
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What can happen if DMV learns I have a medical condition that may affect my driving? 
If DMV learns you have a medical condition that may affect your driving, you may be required to
  • discuss how your medical condition affects your driving ability with DMV staff
  • provide medical documentation
  • take a vision test, written test or road test 

What can happen to my driver license if my medical condition affects my driving or I fail to submit medical documentation? 
  • a restriction(s) may be added to your driver license or learner permit
  • your driver license or learner permit can be suspended